A HUGE Thank You!

We at the Newark Arts Alliance are so appreciative of the love and positive embraces the community has given us over the years. These amazing individuals, businesses, and organizations have supported our vision of a strong arts future with monetary annual donations and event sponsor fees. With these funds we’ve been able to grant access to the arts to so many appreciative people.

Want to become a Donor or Sponsor?

Whether you would like to give a one-time annual donation or support our events on a regular basis, we’d love to have you as a contributor. It’s great folks like you that help make this all possible. Please visit our donation page for details on how to join the ranks of Newark Arts Alliance donors and sponsors.

Corporate Event Sponsors for 2020

We would also like to thank our corporate and business sponsors who support specific events and the Newark Arts Alliance overall. They are:

Gingerbread Bash Sponsors

Our Donors (since September 1, 2019)

Suresh Advani
Mary Anderson
Belinda Bair
Joyce Barbagallo
Heather Barron
Susan Belascio
Stuart & Catriona Binder Macleod
Nancy Breslin
Elaine Brooks
Caroline Brown
William J. Buck
Gail & Steven Bush
Vivienne Cameron
Mary Cannon
Chi Chao
Joe Charma
Joan Chatterton
Alexine Cloonan
Mary Coleman
Sally Cochran
The Content Critter
Wendy Cotton
Maggie Creshkoff
Doris Crowley
Elisabeth Crowther
Laura Day
Anthony DiGiacomo
Sarah Dressler
Amy Eyre
Eleanor Fink

Terry Foreman
Ken Foreman
Alan & Carole Fox
Fox Fox
Vance A. Funk, III
Sue Fuhrmann & Ron Hamlen
Cara Fries
Terri Gillespie
Dianne Goodell
Gerry Grant
Ann Grewl
Anne S. Groo
Debra Hall
Rich Hanel
Pat & Fran Hart
Denise Hartranft
Christian Hartranft
Terry Harvey
Debbie & Steve Hegedus
Nanci Hersh
Gordon & Caryn Hetherston
Nila Hill
Michael & Lois Hoffman
Catherine Houghton
Carole Huber
Mary Johnson
Diane Jones
Maureen Kamerick
Tara Kee

Michele Kelley
Kathleen Keogh
Susan King
Brenda Kingham
Dennis Lawson
Janice & Roland Leathrum
Dragonfly Leathrum & Andreas Muenchow
Ellen Lebowitz
Eyren Lindsay-Mcroy
Nancy Lonie
Estelle Lukoff
Rowena Macleod
Jim & Joan March
Robin Marks
John Micklos
Sally Milbury-Steen
Devon Miller-Dugan
Andreas Muenchow & Dragonfly Leathrum
Veronica Mundis
Pamela Murphy
Newark Natural Foods
Karen O’Lone-Hahn
Belinda Orzada
George Parsons
Carol Post
Randall Rado
Emily Reed

Paulette Ridgely
Marcia Roe
Dick & Peggy Sacher
Peter Saenger
Jim & Liz Salt
Margaret Sarner
Nancy Saunders
Nancy Schlott
Karen Schueler
Gregory Shelnutt
Wendy Shipman
Deborah Sidwell
Lauren Simione
Diana Simmons
Pamela Skwish
Pamela Slaton
Amy Smith
Annie Smith
Joy Smith
Ruth Smith
Sheila Smith
Catherine Spence
Allison Stine Realtor
Rebecca Sullivan
Trebs Thompson
Michele Tilford
Susan Tkachick
Shari Trnka
Marijke Van Buchem
Judith Villamarin
Sherrye Walker
Kim Wright
Susan & Terry Wrightson