A HUGE Thank You!

We at the Newark Arts Alliance are so appreciative of the love the community has given us over the years. These amazing individuals, businesses, and organizations have supported our vision of a strong arts community with monetary donations and event sponsor fees. With these funds we’ve been able to provide access to the arts to all.

Want to become a Donor, Sponsor or Recurring Donor?

Whether you would like to give a one-time annual donation or support our events on a regular basis, we’d love to have you as a contributor. It’s great folks like you that help make this all possible. Please visit our donation page to join the ranks of Newark Arts Alliance donors and sponsors. We are encouraging our supporters to become a recurring donor by pledging a monthly contribution which will help us anticipate our income and meet our monthly expenses. You can do that by selected the “recurring” feature on our donation portal. You will be added to our “Kahlo Club” once you do that and be listed on our Kahlo Club page.

Corporate Event Sponsors for 2022/2023

We would also like to thank our corporate and business sponsors who support specific events and the Newark Arts Alliance overall. They are: Adobe Express, Dawson Wealth Management, LLC, The Newark Post, Community Powered Credit Union , Sherwin Williams, Zenbusiness and the Newark Partnership.

For 24 hours on March 7-8, 2024, we asked if you could do just a little more. Your gift to #DoMore24DE makes all the difference in what can be accomplished at the Newark Arts Alliance. The money made during this 24 hr. window will be matched by the Delaware Division of the Arts. (amount to be announced) Additional sums were earned as prizes contributed by sponsors. The NAA raised $9,270.00 from 119 donors, our best effort ever for this event! We won THREE prizes thanks to your efforts! The “Greater Giving Opening Prize Sponsored by Barclays” for $500, “The United Way of Delaware Magic Hour” for $100 and the “Golden Ticket 3pm” prize for $100. We are eligible for an additional prize from the City of Newark, which we are waiting to hear about. All these amounts will get a MATCH as well! Great effort by all involved, THANK YOU!

Here’s the donors from this magical 2 days of giving: Alex Bush, Alexa Chester, Amy Dougherty, Beverly Romain, Brenna Crowther, Callum Cheeseman, Carol Post, Carole Fox, Catherine Hill, Catriona Binder-Macleod, Claudia McGill, Darren Jacobs, Debbie Hegedus, Debra Hall, Denise Van Deroef, Dennis Lawson, Dorothy Milsom, Dorothy Zaleski, Douglas Van Derouf, Dragonfly Leathrum, Elaine Brooks, Eleanor Fink, Terry Foreman, Emilio Irigoyen, Francis Burge, Frank Fink, Gail R. Bisio, George Harding, Greta Barclay, Isabel Crowther, Jane Morton, Jane Tierney, Jeffrey Campbell, Joan Engel, Joan Loewenstein, John Hornor, John Crowther, Jon Jacobs, Jordan Berrett, Jose Luyando, Joyce Bensinger, Karen Berstler, Kari Dettorre, Kathryn Biddle Dutton, Ken Johnson, Laura Yarnall, Lawrence Cordeiro Sr., Lelane Rossouw-Bancroft, Leslie Richeson, Luke Austing, Marianne Reeves, Merielle des Etages, Marietta Messina, Marihelen Barrett, Mary Johnson, Mary Lou Lawlor, Mary Post, Maureen Coughlan, Merie Daniel Perry, Michele Tilford, Morgan Bush, Morgan Nelson, Nanci Hersh, Niki Chester, Pamela Nelson, Paul & Pam Baumbach, Rebecca Howell, Rebecca Sullivan, Richard Anderson, Robert James, Robert Yarnall, Sally Dunkelberger, Sheila Kennedy, Sherri Evans-Stanton, Stephen Johnson, Steven Hegedus, Stu Markham, Sue Fuhrmann, Susan Chester, Susan Eggert, Susan King, Suzanne Bush, Terri Gillespie, Theodor Holten, Valerie A Walton, Wendi Jacobs and Wendy Mitchell. Several anonymous donations were received as well as donations honoring friends of the arts who are no longer with us. In honor of Ray Magnani, Gordon Hetherston, Robin Hill-Page Glanden and Bill Chester. Also donations were made in honor of friends of the arts who are actively involved, Alexa Chester and Mary Loewenstein Anderson. Thanks to everyone who gave and to the anonymous donor of $3,000 in matching funds!

Our Donors in 2023-2024

Donor Levels Graphic - The Kahlo Club - Newark Arts Alliance

“The Kahlo Club”

We’d love to invite you to join the “Kahlo Club“, which includes all “recurring donors”. We would like to encourage everyone to commit to a monthly donation of $10 or more to contribute to the NAA’s monthly expenses. This will help us focus on our programs more instead of fundraising. Help us have a strong foundation by making a recurring donation. This option is offered on our donation page. It is also possible to set up a recurring payment through your bank. We get 100% of the donation using that method, as there’s no fees. Contributions are always 100% tax-deductible. We will send you a tax receipt at the end of each year unless you need it sooner.

Kahlo Club Members
(monthly donors)

  • Mary Cannon
  • Catherine Fischer
  • Carole Fox
  • Gordon & Caryn Hetherston
  • Carole Huber
  • Ray Magnani
  • Dragonfly Leathrum & Andreas Muenchow
  • Carol Post
  • Kim Wright

Yearly Donors (Below)

We wish to acknowledge the level of support our generous donors are giving by creating colorful donor levels. Donations in any amount are always appreciated. We will be inviting donors at specific levels to enjoy opportunities such as preview events, shopping discounts, VIP receptions and more. Give what you can, we couldn’t exist without you! Donors listed below are acknowledged for their combined donations for the previous 12 months. Additional contributions will be added as received.

Terracotta Donor Level - The Kahlo Club - Newark Arts Alliance
  • Richard Anderson
  • Luke Austing
  • Phillip Bannowsky
  • Greta Barclay
  • Jordan Barrett
  • Marihelen Barrett
  • Paul & Pam Baumbach
  • Joyce Bensinger
  • Karen Berstler
  • Kathryn Biddle-Dutton & James Dutton
  • Catriona Binder Macleod
  • Karen Binkhorst
  • Gail R. Bisio
  • Diane Boykin
  • Elaine Brooks
  • Angela Brown
  • Francis Burge
  • Alex Bush
  • Suzanne Bush
  • Morgan Bush
  • Jeffrey Campbell
  • Vivienne Cameron
  • Karen Carney
  • Joe Charma
  • Elizabeth Chartrand
  • Callum Cheeseman
  • Alexa Chester
  • Susan Chester
  • Niki Chester
  • Community Powered Credit Union
  • Lawrence Cordeiro Sr
  • Kate Cottle
  • Maureen Coughlan
  • Doris Crowley
  • Brenna Crowther
  • Isabel Crowther
  • Merie Daniel Perry
  • Marielle des Etages
  • Kari Dettorre
  • Stacy Doney
  • Amy Dougherty
  • Sally Dunkelberger
  • Susan Eggert
  • Joan Engel
  • Sherri Evans-Stanton
  • Cory Fakterowitz
  • Fierce Grace Press
  • Eleanor Fink
  • Frank Fink
  • Barbara Jo German
  • Terri Gillespie
  • George Harding
  • Catherine Hill
  • Rebecca Howell
  • Emilio Irigoyen
  • George Harding
  • Denise Hartranft
  • Nanci Hersh
  • Michael & Lois Hoffman
  • Theodore Holten
  • Emilio Irigoyen
  • Darren Jacobs
  • Jon Jacobs
  • Robert James
  • Ken Johnson
  • Mary Johnson
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Sarah Jungling
  • Maureen Kamerick
  • Sheila Kennedy
  • Susan King
  • Dennis Lawson
  • Joan Loewenstein
  • Mary Lou Lawlor
  • Robert Lyons
  • Karen Luck
  • Jose Luyando
  • Molly Mackil
  • Stu Markham
  • Woodrow McFarlane
  • Claudia McGill
  • Marietta Messina
  • Dorothy Miilsom
  • Wendy Mitchell
  • Jane Morton
  • Veronica Mundis
  • Morgan Nelson
  • Pamela Nelson
  • Mary Post
  • Randall Rado
  • Linda Raffaele
  • Marianne Reeves
  • Leslie Richeson
  • Beverly Romain
  • Lelane Rossouw-Bancroft
  • Magaret Sarner
  • Peter Saenger
  • Gregory W. Shelnutt
  • Erin Schwinn
  • Amy Tetlow-Smith
  • Jane Tierney
  • Michele Tilford
  • Joy Smith
  • Rebecca Sullivan
  • Chris Testa
  • Douglas VanDeroef
  • Valerie A Walton
  • Lyndell Whyte
  • Elizabeth Wickersham
  • Maryellen Winkler-Gunn
  • Robert Yarnall
  • Laura Yarnall
  • Dorothy Zaleski
Goldenrod Donor Level - The Kahlo Club - Newark Arts Alliance
  • Niki Chester & Susan Eggert
  • Wendy Cotton-Orlando
  • Terry Foreman & John Crowther
  • Debra Hall
  • The Hill Family
  • Home Grown Cafe
  • Catherine Spence
  • Denise Van Derouf
  • Val Walton
  • Rosemarie White
  • Karen Yarnall
Emerald Donor Level - The Kahlo Club - Newark Arts Alliance
  • Mary Loewenstein-Anderson
  • Catherine Fischer
  • Sue Fuhrmann & Ron Hamlen
  • Pat & Fran Hart
  • Newark Natural Foods
Fuschia Donor Level - The Kahlo Club - Newark Arts Alliance
  • Carole & Alan Fox
  • Vank Funk III
  • Debbie & Steven Hegedus
  • Caryn & Gordon Hetherston
  • Dawson Wealth Management, LLC
  • Wendi Jacobs
  • C. Michael Luck
  • Dragonfly Leathrum & Andreas Muenchow
  • The Newark Partnership
  • Sherwin Williams
Cerulean Donor Level - The Kahlo Club - Newark Arts Alliance
  • City of Newark Revenue Sharing
  • Karen & John Hornor
  • Raymond Magnani
  • RBC Wealth Management
  • Kimberly Wright
  • Crystal Trust
  • Carol Post
  • Welfare Foundation