This page and the sign-up forms below are for volunteers currently serving as Gallery Monitors. To become a Gallery Monitor, please complete and submit a Volunteer Inquiry and we’ll be in touch soon to get you trained and signed up! Email to: Training new monitors takes about 1 1/2 hrs. Gallery shifts are typically 4 hrs. per shift, 12-4pm, except for Thursdays, when we’re open 4-7pm. Most monitors choose one shift per month but can choose more than one shift if they like. To earn “working member” status, monitors and volunteers should work a minimum of 3 hrs. per month. Working members earn a 10% increase in their commission on sold work.

Gallery Monitor Sign-up

Click on a month below to access the Doodle poll and sign up for your Gallery Monitor shift(s). You can edit your sign ups there as well so if you need to change a shift, you can do that on doodle as well. Just click on the blue pencil symbol next to your name and the editing feature will show and you can uncheck boxes and check new boxes. Thanks for being such an important part of the NAA – we couldn’t open our doors without you!

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